Why Credit Unions Need to Focus on their Network Infrastructure Now

New technologies will leverage the processing power of cloud computing and the need for an efficient network will become a key area of focus for IT professionals.

Celero Network Services can help you build a network infrastructure that maximizes bandwidth and enables your team to implement the most advanced digital solutions.

SD WAN and the Need for a Modern Network Infrastructure

Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN), use software to manage how network traffic is routedDeployment of an SD-WAN or hybrid SD-WAN network can include existing routers and switches or virtualized equipment that runs some version of software that handles security policies and network management functions. This structure allows for data traffic to be routed between data centres, remote branches and cloud instances in the most efficient way possible.

It’s important to remember that there are many options for network solutions and not all are created equal. As a credit union, the need for a secure gateway to protect member data and access critical data hosting centres means you need to make sure you fully understand how your data will flow. Consider what you might be sacrificing in your security posture for the promise of higher speeds and reduced expenses.

Bandwidth Requirements when your Team Returns to the Office

For over a year, much of your team may have been working from their home offices, and during this time new solutions have been implemented to support the transition. As your team returns to the office, they will continue to use cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Office 365 or Zoom meetings to support members.

The requirement for an efficient network design at office locations needs to be considered today. Once everyone is sharing the same network, as opposed to leveraging their individual home networks, will there be enough capacity to meet employee and member expectations?

Cybersecurity and the Flow of Sensitive Data 

The network is an integral component of a strong cybersecurity program. As more and more data will need to be collected and shared across applicationsthe need for secure transfer of information is paramount.

A modern network architecture can identify which applications and data require a highly secure gateway, versus the benign internet traffic that can flow through a regular internet provider. Software designed to manage this data segmentation is increasingly more effective at improving bandwidth management. By properly controlling the traffic flow of your data, you will be able to maximize your current internet capacity and ensure the right level of security is in place for critical data. 

Network Performance as a Competitive Advantage  

Poor network performance and lagging load times can feel like a necessary inefficiency that your team has become accustomed to and are resigned to accepting. This results in lost productivity and is a hindrance to implementing new cloud-based applications. By addressing network limitations, you will enable a workforce with quicker processing power for critical applications and improve your agility to implement feature-rich digital tools.

With the right security architecture in place and proper network redundancy you can reduce the risk of down time and security breaches. The member impact when systems are noconnecting can be a critical dissatisfier and a security breach can cost a credit union dearly. Simply put, an improved network design can empower and protect your credit unions core business. Team of technicians using digital cable analyser on servers in large data center-1

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Why Credit Unions Need to Focus on their Network Infrastructure Now