Synergy Credit Union the Latest to Leverage the Capabilities of Celero Xchange™

May 27, 2020

Synergy Credit Union is now among a number of Canadian credit unions that are enabling their digital ecosystem though Celero Xchange™ digital ecosystem integration platform.

The Saskatchewan credit union recently announced the adoption of thirdstream’s onboarding solution using Celero Xchange. Being an API-driven platform, thirdstream integrates with Celero Xchange to seamlessly integrate their account opening solution with their core banking system.

This implementation is delivering on Synergy’s priority of executing their digital transformation strategy by offering an account opening solution that enables positive member experiences and can improve retention and acquisition.


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Beyond this, the enablement of the Xchange solution allows for an exciting potential of third-parties that Synergy will be able to bring into their environment to continue to deliver strong member-centric experiences in the future.

Like Synergy Credit Union, many other Canadian credit unions are crafting their digital transformation strategy to determine not only what needs to be done, but the prioritization of when things need to get done.

Every credit union has a different roadmap to transformation, but what is universal is the importance of having robust technology in place to lay the foundation for current and future connections between key systems.


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Synergy Credit Union the Latest to Leverage the Capabilities of Celero Xchange™