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    Safeguarding your credit union: Managing complexity with Celero's Security Strategy

    October 01, 2019



    Below are 5 of the challenges called out in Celero's cybersecurity whitepaper, focused on protecting your credit union. Download this whitepaper to discover the insights that can help you safeguard your credit union.


    5 challenges credit unions face

    Credit unions in general are likely to have fewer resources and less in-house security expertise, making
    them attractive targets for cyber-criminals. Add in the following challenges and the need for security as a service becomes clear:


    • Credit unions often lack the tools and expertise to effectively get ahead of security threats
    and compliance risks.
    • They are not always able to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks.
    • They can detect threats but are unable to respond appropriately in a timely fashion.
    • They are unfamiliar with security best practices and the overall threat landscape.
    • They can be overwhelmed with the numerous offerings available.

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