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    Resources to Assist with Your Organization’s Pandemic Preparedness

    March 25, 2020

    Everyone could use some expert support during these times of challenge due to COVID-19. We compiled a few resources with useful tips we hope you find helpful..


    A great read to start with is this article that lays out 10 Pillars of Pandemic Preparation. Both from a professional and personal perspective, employees’ lives are changing rapidly and these 10 pillars discuss how to best protect and monitor situations to help put individuals’ minds at ease, and allow them to contribute to the business at this time. While all of these pillars are important, the sixth pillar related to communication is among the top of the most important items. This pillar stresses the importance of collaboration and communication with your comprehensive set of stakeholders to ensure an aligned front in confronting the challenges we face together.


    After reading that article, the next best read may be the article With Coronavirus in mind, is your organization ready for remote work? As the HR department at your credit union collaborates with your IT teams to prepare employees to tackle the work-from-home period, there are a couple factors in this article to think about and that can help brainstorm how to best manage a remote workforce. It’s especially important to trust your employees when working remotely. While there is a period of adjustment to this, like everything, employees will learn to adapt and continue their previous success at home. Allow for the time it may take to adjust, but ensure that relationship of trust is there for your remote employees.


    With the intensity IT teams are facing right now, it may not be the best time for them to read this article, but, for others in the organization that may be called upon to help the IT folks, here is a great read of ways to think like a CIO during this period of time. Whether to support the remote workforce at your credit union, or to manage the experience and reputation you’re used to providing to members, this read has a lot of ideas of ways you could continue to do that in a remote fashion. Of particular interest is the point raised on enabling remote experiences with a personal touch. Even when you can’t deliver the in-branch experience some members may be used to, there are plenty of ways that personal touch can still be delivered while remote. Whether video conferencing, or through a phone call, there are still plenty of ways to continue that reputation of great member service that your credit union provides.


    While not a Gartner article, this last recommended read is an important one as well. We’ve heard of increased attempts of fraudsters exploiting Covid-19 for profit lately, which is a sickening, but unfortunately true reality that we also face during this time. Ensure that both your staff and your members are aware of these attacks and know what to watch for in sketchy communications.


    Visit the Celero Extranet to catch up on the latest updates on our COVID-19 response plans. 


    If you have any questions about how Celero can help your credit union with a challenge you are facing, please reach out to your account executive or contact us directly.

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