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    Protection against technology scams

    March 31, 2020

    Celero’s Office 365 Managed Services can help protect your credit union with services like proactive monitoring, spam and malware policy administration, hybrid identity synchronization, a baseline security model and much more. As part of Fraud Prevention Month (#FPM2020), Celero wanted to share with our clients some of the ways that Microsoft protects against technology scams. 

    Learn how to protect yourself online with tips to help you control the amount of personal info you share and who has access to it.

    1. Protect yourself at home - Keeping your home computer secure helps you avoid malware and direct hacking attempts designed to steal your personal information.
    2. Protect yourself at work - Make sure that you stay safe and secure when using your work computer helps contribute to a safer and more secure workplace.
    3. Protect yourself from tech support scams - Learning how to spot when a message that claims to offer tech support is actually a scammer in disguise is the first step to prevention.
    4. Protect your PC from ransomware – Don’t be held ransom to a malware installed on your PC.
    5. Protect your PC from unwanted software - Learn how to minimize the possibility of installing unwanted software when you install new apps on your PC.
    6. Protect yourself from phishing – Learn how to protect yourself from being lured by a phishing scam.
    1. Have you ever been threatened with scare tactics to pay for unnecessary technical support services? Discover how you can protect yourself from tech support scams.
    2. Learn how to report a technical support scam to Microsoft

    Learn more about how Office 365 can keep your credit union secure:

    Contact us to learn more about Office 365.


    Learn more about how to safeguard your credit union with Celero’s security strategy in this whitepaper.


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