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    Preventative Care - one more layer of risk mitigation

    March 11, 2020

    Fraud Prevention Month (#FPM2020) is a month-long crime prevention initiative aimed at educating and informing consumers, businesses and communities on how to recognize, report and stop fraud. As part of Fraud Prevention Month, we wanted to share how Celero can help you recognize fraud in your environment 


    We offer Preventative Care Services to give you peace of mind that your laptops, desktops and servers virus definitions are up to date through anti-virus software and ensuring your standard Microsoft software is up to date with the latest software patches.  


    Focus on your members, not your system’s security 

    Preventative Care Services is the provisioning of a managed delivery of a centralized endpoint security solution that reduces the risk of virus or malware infection and security threats by enabling the remote updating of Anti-virus Software and Virus Definitions and Microsoft standard security updates to Supported Software on the Supported Devices. With Preventative Care, you can focus on serving your members rather than the security of your workstations and servers through our proactive monitoring, maintenance and reporting. 


    One more layer of risk mitigation 

    It’s one more layer of risk mitigation against infection by any individual user of a device that is connected to the Internet through weekly maintenance, scanning, updating and reporting of virus definitions and Microsoft software patches as they are released from the vendors. Celero also provides additional services such as USB blocking for laptops, desktops and tablets in which we blacklist USB devices based on their digital ID. According to Ehsan Sarder, Team Lead of Endpoint Services at Celero, in the last 30 days Celero's Preventative Care measures mitigated


    • 191 download risks
    • 140 endpoint infections
    • 159 detections on 60 computers across our network


    Don’t worry about managing these risks on your own, allow Celero’s experts to help you sleep at night.


    Proactive avoidance of security breaches 

    We’ve all heard about or experienced the damage that viruses and other malicious software can cause, and the resulting cost to businesses to repair the damage to their systems and reputation. Hackers are continually attacking businesses with the intent to commit fraud and other crimes.  

    When they succeed, businesses can lose a great deal of time, money, and respect. Despite the high cost to repair, and damage they cause, many security breaches are easily avoided. Remember the WannaCry and Petya cyber security attacks that happened in 2017? The attacks crippled some organizations for days and raised concerns with others about whether they were vulnerable to the threats. Don’t let this happen to you! Contact us to learn more about Preventative Care. 


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