Office 365 Q&A with Mohsin Syed: Things to Know About Moving to the Cloud

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September 10, 2019

It’s the official launch of our Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services offering.

We sat down with Mohsin Syed, General Manager, Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services at Celero to learn what credit unions need to know about transitioning to cloud computing.

1. Why Should Credit Unions Migrate to Office 365?

Mohsin: The Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based solution enables users to work easier and work together. Credit union employees can use trusted business applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint anywhere from any device.

Collaboration is at the core of Office 365 and provides easier access to email, virtual meetings and document editing. Many employees at Celero, including myself, travel often and having access to our documents and collaboration tools on the road is key in staying connected and responding to business needs quickly and efficiently.

The artificial intelligence and analytics further complement the ability to be more productive in today’s modern workplace.

2. Is Office 365 Secure?

Mohsin: With Celero’s industry vertical knowledge in financial services, we ensure our customers’ online tenants are completely defended and have a well-defined security posture. Data security is a major priority in the cloud, and Celero enforces best practices on security and data governance in compliance with, but not limited to PCI, PII and OSFI standards. You also have peace of mind in having secure identity management with solutions such as Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Identity and Access Management, and Information Protection, to name a few.

3. What Value does Celero Provide Versus Going Directly to Microsoft to Purchase Licenses?

There are three key reasons why Celero is the right solutions integrator for Office 365:

  • Microsoft provides a variable discount on each type of license for cloud solution providers (CSP) such as Celero. The mix of licenses for your organization will vary depending on the needs of users and their business requirements. We work with our clients to determine their individual licensing needs and propose a solution to fulfill those requirements.
  • Celero has a customized repeatable baseline model – it’s based on security requirements that fit the needs of credit unions and reduces people costs for implementation and management.
  • Our training content and ongoing support services means you’ll see high adoption and usage rates with your investment

4. With Office 365, will Credit Unions own their own Tenant?

Mohsin: Yes! Each individual credit union is the owner of their tenant and Celero will serve as their managed services provider. It enables us to make individual and specialized changes to the environment, without impacting any other credit union environments.

5. What's Next for Celero's Cloud Strategy?

Mohsin: Our roadmap includes plans to expand our cloud offering beyond Office 365 to bring the entire cloud-based platform of Microsoft 365 to our customers. We feel this is the right approach for our clients because of the recent changes and new requirements of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, along with the shift in the industry to move technology expenses to a consumption-based model. Microsoft 365 provides our customers with the latest release of Windows 10 (as a service), Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility and Security services.
Using our experience and understanding our customers environments, we will test this technology and build a repeatable process with strong baseline, best practices and architectural design.

Learn more about Celero’s Office 365 Managed Services solution here.
Contact your Celero account executive to learn more about getting started with Office 365. 


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Office 365 Q&A with Mohsin Syed: Things to Know About Moving to the Cloud