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    Meet our 2019 Fintech Innovators…. (and find out who took home the trophy!)

    October 18, 2019


    With the excitement around the Fintech Innovator Awards at the 2018 Celero Fintech Conference, we decided to bring back this pitch-style competition for a second round this year during our 2019 conference, which was held in Montreal from October 1 to 3.

     It was fun and high-energy battle again! Here’s a full recap of everything this event entailed.




    What are the Fintech Innovator Awards?

    The Fintech Innovator Awards were introduced at last year’s conference as an opportunity for Fintechs to pitch the benefits of their solution to – with a competitive twist!  This competition is formatted in a “pitch style battle” where contestants go head-to-head to compete for Fintech Innovator of the Year.


    Our competitors

    This year we had five exciting finalists come pitch their products at our Digital X Conference. Below is a summary of each competitor and what they brought to the competition. It was an incredible close and competitive battle and conference delegates were excited to vote on their favourite solution!

    “Celero’s Fintech Innovator Awards not only expose our clients and partners to new and innovative fintechs, it also enables these fintech innovators to gain a foothold in a new market,” says Rojin Nair, General Manager, Fintech Solutions, and one of the key organizers behind the event.



    Loan Connect

    LoanConnect’s CEO Adam Rice shared how their lending platform enables consumers to go online and search for qualified loans from various Canadian lending institutions. Their goal? To provide Canadians across the credit spectrum with simpler and more direct access to the right credit source, with options from both established financial institutions, and the growing number of private lenders located across the country. The loans are used to cover life's planned, and unplanned, expenses. LoanConnect also works directly with business owners and sales professionals offering a consumer portal to help their customers arrange financing.



    Exagens’ AI-based behavioral banking solution, enables financial institutions in their digital channels to help their clients to undertake better financial decisions. Exagens’ Elisabeth Laett, VP Business Development, explained how Exagens uses  behavioral analytics and machine-learning technologies that enable the solution to learn and understand the specifics of each client over time, with the goal towards finding the right moment to discuss the relevancy of the right product for the right need for each client in their digital journey.



    Zogo was in the running for this competition but was unable to make the conference and pitch to the audience, so Celero’s Rojin Nair gave a quick overview of their solution.

    Applying behavioral science developed at Duke University, Zogo is a white-labeled app that gamifies financial literacy learning and keeps Gen Z engaged with CU brand. Teens complete bite-sized modules and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

  is a customer insight engine that aggregates external attributes for better decision making – this helps financial institutions turn potential clients into customers more quickly, while staying on top of risk & compliance mandates.’s Head of Growth Michael Boag shared that they currently have three enterprise solutions; automated onboarding, enhanced due-diligence, and advanced fraud detection. All this is done on a proprietary end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge platform, which prevents Owl from seeing or accessing any customer data.

    Rate Reset

    Rate Reset’s Keith Kelly explained that the solution is working to improve the efficiency of financial institutions retaining loan customers. By giving members the opportunity to re-sign a loan agreement in an efficient, digital manner, financial institutions are able to turn this tedious member journey into a quick, mindless process.



    Laurence Cooke, nanopay’s CEO and founder, shared how his fintech can deliver scalable payment and liquidity management products for businesses and banks. nanopay is privately funded and led by the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.


    And the winner is…..

    We are proud to announce that this year’s Fintech Innovator of the Year is….. Exagens! Receiving the most votes from conference delegates, Exagens’ pitch included:

    • Cross-selling solution
    • Digital adoption solution
    • Proactive supportive and behavioural selling
    • Behavioural insights and nudging


    “It’s a  great honor to be recognized by the Celero Community as the Fintech innovator of the year for 2019. Celero’s efforts to seek out innovative and value added potential technology partners for credit unions is key to keeping up with your evolving client needs. We see Exagens behavioral banking solution as a strategic differentiator that plays a key role in how a financial institution leverages influence in their digital channels – especially, as this is where their clients are spending most of their relationship moments today.”


     – Elisabeth Laett, VP Business Development, Exagens.


    Thank you to everyone who came to compete and vote on the second annual Fintech Innovator Awards.





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