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    How Osoyoos Credit Union is leveraging Aura™ in their community

    July 22, 2020

    At the end of 2019, we announced Aura™, our new feature and function-rich digital member experience, loyalty and rewards platform, designed exclusively for credit unions and your members. With COVID-19 changing how we shop, Canadians are looking for convenient ways to make purchases remotely and online. Aura™ enables your credit union to meet the needs of your members during this uncharted time. At the beginning of 2020, Sunova Credit Union was eager to be our pilot credit union for Aura and we have now onboarded our second credit union, Osoyoos Credit Union (OCU). We sat down with the CEO of OCU, Greg Sol to find more about how OCU is using Aura to connect with their community and stimulate their local economy during COVID-19.

    1. What value does Aura bring to your credit union?

    Greg: Aura provided an opportunity for OCU to enhance our existing “shop local” initiative by allowing us to approach local businesses and add them as merchants on Aura’s carousel of offers. In addition, Aura helped make a splash in the community and provided a chance to get better traction with our member patronage dividend program.

    1. How is OCU using Aura to connect with your community?

    Greg: At OCU, we have a belief that together we are better and are committed to supporting the prosperity of our local economy. With the backing of the Aura platform, OCU has partnered with the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce to connect with local businesses to get them to participate in Aura by adding an offer on the carousel. By partnering with the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce we can connect with local businesses and stimulate the local economy. This complements our current “shop local” program and positively impacts businesses that may be struggling during COVID-19. The partnership also allows OCU to reach businesses that may not otherwise have cause to interact with us directly while also expanding our presence within the South Okanagan outside the Osoyoos township. Providing our members access to local merchant offers in addition to the regional and national offers Aura provides is a definite value-add and aligns with our credit unions beliefs.

    1. How will Aura benefit merchants in your community?

    Greg: Aura provides an opportunity for our local merchants to market their brand at a very low cost. The merchant establishes a partnership with OCU and Aura by designing a discount offer on purchases/services availed at the merchant location. The only financial investment for the merchants is when a customer redeems the offer on the Aura app so there is low risk and high return on their investment. In addition, the merchant offering is also advertised on the Aura app and via other promotional mediums so it grants extra exposure and brand recognition for the local merchants. Learn more at

    1. How does adding your patronage to Aura benefit your members and local merchants?

    Greg: Adding our patronage to Aura provided a tangible way to present our members with “cash”. Additionally, member patronage is more likely to be spent locally with the hopeful growth of the carousel of offers which aligns with our “shop local” initiative mentioned above. Adding OCU’s patronage to Aura created value for our members and allowed us to differentiate our current program.


    Listen to our Celero Spotlight interview with Greg Sol below.




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