How Microsoft Office 365 can make working virtually easier

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February 24, 2021

With Covid-19 changing how credit union employees work and serve their members, shifting to technologies that enable a remote workforce has been essential.

In 2019, Celero started offering Microsoft Office 365 to clients, allowing them to create more productive teams. Since then, many credit unions have signed up for Office 365, and with many more clients migrating within the next year, we wanted to share some ways that Office 365 can help your credit union work virtually.


Chatting with a co-worker and want to talk face-to-face to have more clarity in the conversation?


With Microsoft Teams you can go directly from chatting with someone and seamlessly transition to a video call to engage without having to host a meeting. These calls are private and won't appear in any team conversation. Collaborating has never been easier than with Microsoft Teams

Creating Teams

Are employees in your credit union struggling to communicate effectively while working remotely?


Microsoft Teams puts everything organizations need to make faster decisions into a single hub, including chats, meetings, calling, and Office 365 apps. With Teams, every type of worker (from the frontline representatives to Investment Officers) is empowered to contribute their voice and take shared accountability for business outcomes. By empowering employees with Teams, your credit union can reduce the costs of collaboration, accelerate decision-making and improve the member and employee experience.

File sharing

With the new file sharing feature, users will have file sharing and access control in Teams that is like their experience with other Microsoft 365 apps.


When users share a file from within Teams, they will have the option to create sharing links that provides access to anyone: this could be people within your organization, people with existing access or specific people, including those in a 1:1 chat, group chat, or channels. Before users share a file in a chat or in channels, they will be notified if recipients don't have permission to view the file. The user can change permissions before they share the file (if they have permission to do so).

Lists app in Teams

If your team has information to track, work to organize or workflows to manage, the Lists app can help. With Lists, users can track data such as issues, assets, members, and more using customizable views, rules, and alerts to keep everyone on the team in sync.


In Teams, users access Lists as a tab in a channel. Click + to open the tab gallery and add a new Lists app tab instance to a channel to get started. Users can create new lists or pin existing lists from within the same team or from a different SharePoint site that they have access to.


New lists can be created from scratch, from built-in templates, based on the structure of an existing list, or by importing data from an Excel workbook. Customize the list to match how you work and share it so the whole team can stay informed and make contributions.

Forms polling feature

In late 2020, Microsoft integrated the Teams and Forms app to create a new way for meeting presenters to poll attendees. Before the meeting, the presenter can create draft polls. During the meeting, the presenter can create and launch polls that any attendee can view and answer. All attendees will be able to see the results in real-time, and respondents can respond to a poll after the meeting if the poll has not been closed.


Following the meeting, meeting presenters can evaluate responses in the meeting tab; export responses to an Excel workbook; or review responses on the web in the Forms app.

This feature is useful for credit unions while members are voting during virtual AGMs this year.


Live transcriptions in Teams meetings

Live transcripts in Microsoft Teams meetings will provide another way to both follow and review meeting conversations. The new Live Transcription feature will give users a new way to follow and review meeting conversations.


Once the change is implemented, Teams users will be able to see two options in the meeting control bar: recording and transcription. Transcripts can be viewed in real-time using the desktop client, or at the end of the meeting on the web application. Considering that transcription is a key aspect of the collaborative office experience, live transcription capabilities should definitely help to improve accessibility.

Microsoft Teams Live Transcriptions

Virtual Breakout Rooms

Microsoft has created a virtual breakout room functionality within Teams to allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions. The meeting organizer can create up to 50 breakout rooms and choose to assign participants automatically or manually into rooms.


The organizer can start a breakout room in a Teams meeting or a Teams channel meeting, allowing greater flexibility in how you meet. Creating meaningful connections can be difficult in larger group settings. Breakout rooms allow organizers to divide the meeting into sub-groups to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions and then come back to a larger group discussion without having to create multiple meetings.

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

Increased meeting limit/live event limit

With the uptick in virtual meetings since the pandemic started, Microsoft has increased the participant limit for Teams meetings and live events.


The Teams meeting participant limit has increase to 300 (view-only allows for up to 10,000 listen-only participants to join a meeting with certain licenses), and the live event attendee limit has increased to 20,000 (license dependent).

The increased limit should help credit union teams be able to communicate at once and allow for larger meetings with members, such as virtual AGMs.



While working remotely, employees miss those everyday connections with co-workers. Microsoft Yammer provides a solution for employees to engage across your organization with an internal ‘social network’.


With Yammer, you can improve engagement and enhance communication within your credit union. The platform allows employees to build communities of interest, gather ideas and feedback, and keep everyone informed, aligned and moving forward.


Microsoft Yammer

To keep up with all of the updates to Microsoft Office 365, check out the Office 365 - What’s New Page on the Celero Client Extranet. If you are interested in learning about Microsoft Office 365, contact us or speak to your Celero Account Executive.


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How Microsoft Office 365 can make working virtually easier