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    How Celero is taking cyber security to the next level

    May 29, 2020

    As a trusted IT provider, Celero is committed to delivering best in class services to protect our clients’ environments and ensure internal system security.


    That’s why we are pleased to announce that Celero Protex™ Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is available for our clients!


    The Managed SIEM provides credit unions an enterprise-wide view of security across their environment while correlating security log data from all your devices within your organization and providing a single pane of glass view into your security ecosystem. This service focuses on identifying security threats to your organization and managing your risk.


    Creating a culture of security


    Celero's partnership with leading multi-brand technology solutions provider, CDW, allows credit unions to create a culture of security with its leading-edge capabilities and robust à la carte services.

    The Managed SIEM service provides a consolidated view of security events across your network which enables rapid detection and response when you need it most. Celero Protex ensures your credit union can shift from only focusing on compliance to explicit risk management and being proactive.


    Sophisticated cyber security monitoring:

    • Analytics focused on identifying suspicious and malicious behavior
    • Security alert monitoring and notification
    • Monthly technical security reporting
    • Summary report of all security-related incidents
    • Ongoing security policy tuning and recommendations to ensure effective security
    • 24x7x365 service from highly skilled and experienced staff in CDW’s Advanced Security Operations Centre, a 3,000 square foot secured facility based in Canada

    Streamline your cyber security operations:

    • An enterprise-wide view of security across your environment, giving your security analysts the visibility and control required to quickly and effectively identify threats to your organization
    • Leveraging our highly skilled and specialized security analysts to reduce the impact of costly security staff recruitment and to refocus your internal team on more strategic core business functions
    • All-inclusive monthly service fees allow you to reduce or eradicate upfront capital costs for technology, and budget effectively
    • Solution is designed to scale for growth, if required

    Celero Protex security solutions:

    • Threat Monitoring - 24x7 security threat management/event monitoring services, delivered from a Security Operations Centre, utilizing a best-of-breed SIEM solution​​
    • Endpoint Protection​​
    • Security Device Management​​
    • Vulnerability Assessment​​
    • Penetration Testing​​
    • Threat and Risk Assessment​​
    • Incident Management and Digital Forensics​
    • Security Maturity Assessment​
    • Comprehensive, scalable security, both operationally and consultative, that encompasses all the needs of your organization, regardless of size​
    • Next generation security operation
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • Preventative Care
    • Echoworx Oneworld

    We can help with your Security Strategy

    1. Build and empower a culture of security
    2. Deliver timely and effective security services at targeted service levels and costs
    3. Provide insight into risks and eliminate its impact
    4. Proactively identify, protect, detect, respond and recover to security threats and events

    Celero Protex Managed SIEM aligns the mission and vision of a credit union’s security program to the overall goals of the organization using CDW’s world class method, and Celero’s subject matter expertise and knowledgeable security resources. The next generation of security operations includes global threat intelligence and research, advanced analytics, protection of critical assets, robust incident handling, understanding business impact and continuous validation of controls.


    Contact us to learn more about the Celero Protex Managed SIEM or to sign up.


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