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    Future of Financial Services: A view of the impacts of Blockchain technology

    January 29, 2019

    Below is the introduction to this Blockchain whitepaper. Download the whitepaper to read more about Blockchain and the future of financial services. 


    Businesses are experiencing the effects of monumental changes in social values and technology. Businesses are not being developed as usual, they are decentralized, democratized, and disintermediated, all processes which are being fuelled by the digital revolution and financial infrastructure at our disposal. This shift in business model has incredible implications, one of those being that we now have the opportunity to improve the financial experience of those who are banked, be inclusive of those who are underbanked, and provide financial hope to those who are underbanked. 


    Where exactly did this opportunity arise from? What are the best ways to take advantage of these opportunities. 


    We propose that Blockchain powered by smart contracts and self-sovereign digital identity can be used to automate capital lending. For the customer, Blockchain would increase the ease of borrowing and lending capital, reduce the time taken in the on-boarding process, and empower members to control their own data and digital identities. 


    Finally, we will provide the resources to evaluate whether or not Blockchain is appropriate for your company, guidelines for strategizing and analyzing your options, and recommendations on how to begin implementing a Blockchain solution. 

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