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    Fraudsters Exploiting Covid-19 for Profit

    March 19, 2020
    With the declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organization for Covid-19, the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity has seen an increase in reports of malicious actors using the Coronavirus in phishing campaigns and malware scams. Fraudsters are sending emails with false information in an attempt to get consumers to provide personal information or credentials. In addition, counterfeit websites and email phishing campaigns are leveraging public fear of, and interest in, the Covid-19 pandemic to spread malware that can infect corporate and personal systems.

    Malicious cyber actors are quick to take advantage of high profile events, particularly those that cause worry and concern. Here are some ways that you can protect your device from malware during this sensitive time:

    Protect against malicious emails:
    • Make sure the address or attachment is relevant to the content of the email
    • Make sure you know the sender of an email
    • Look for typos
    • Use anti-virus or anti malware software on computers
    Protect against malicious attachments:
    • Make sure that the sender’s email address has a valid username and domain name
    • Be extra cautious if the email tone is urgent
    • If you were not expecting an attachment, verify with the sender
    Protect against malicious websites:
    • Make sure URLs are spelled correctly
    • Directly type the URL in the search bar instead of clicking a provided link
    • If you must click on a hyperlink, hover your mouse over the link to check if it directs to the right website
    Keep your credit union secure during Fraud Prevention Month (#FPM2020) by checking out these security IT actions to protect your organization as recommended by the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity.

    We understand you do not want to have to think about these threats with the current landscape of what your organization and members may be dealing with. Please reach out to us at Celero to learn how we can help during this time and answer any questions you might have about cyber security.

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