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    Four Key Takeaways From Celero's COVID-19 Webinar

    April 29, 2020

    On April 23, Celero hosted a webinar addressing our COVID-19 response, as well as support tactics for credit unions to remain strong and continue to help their members through this time.


    If you weren’t able to attend our webinar, we have compiled highlights of the information.


    “Regardless of your response strategy, we are here to help you” – Bob Reczka, CEO, Celero  


    1. Cybersecurity and COVID-19

    While the effects of COVID-19 have limited opportunities for many individuals, it has only created more opportunity for fraudsters. Here are ways that we have already seen them exploiting COVID-19 for profit.


    Recent security stats:

    • Phishing attacks up 667% in under a month (InfoSecurity Magazine)
    • >100,000 new domain with terms like ‘covid’, ‘virus’ and ‘corona’ (World Economic Forum)
    • Rates of email opening have gone up 57%, and are being opened much faster (Celero)
    • Celero blocked over 5 million emails in March alone


    Understanding that you and your organization could potentially be at risk of these scams, these are some of the cyber resilience practices we recommend:

    • Multi-factor authentication & password management
    • Employee awareness and education
    • Home network protections
    • Access management processes
    • Vigilance when accessing COVID-19 content


    1. Working from home

    With the importance of abiding by social distancing, many workforces have allowed/encouraged their employees to work form home. There is no doubt that making this switch creates hurdles for both the employee and the employer; this compounded with the pandemic, it can create excess stress.


    Since 2013, Celero has employed a 40 per cent home workforce. Through the years, we have learned valuable lessons and discovered what has worked for us and what can work for your organization too.


    Continuing to help you and your employees through this time, we have a three-part series on supporting a remote workforce and what has been working for Celero.


    This time is a great opportunity to discover what is the best fit for organization and find new strategies to be productive and innovative.


    1. Solutions to support

    Just as each organization has a different response plan to COVID-19, each credit union is given its own challenges to work through as well. Here are some of the main solutions we believe can help your credit union and your members through this time.


    Solutions for enabling remote connectivity:

    • VPN Remote desktop Services
    • Microsoft Teams

    Member support:

    COVID-19 has placed some Canadians – without access to a credit card– in an uncomfortable situation, as they are now forced to make most of their purchases online. Throughout this pandemic, Celero has continued to develop AuraTM, and in support of COVID-19, are offering credit unions the ability to instantly issue this pre-paid credit card for members who need it.


    Finally, to help with your credit union’s needs, we believe these are the three key fintech solutions to help you combat the challenges of COVID-19.


    1. Planning for recovery

    Even though it seems as though we are still in the heat of COVID-19, we believe that it is important for your organization to start thinking of your short-term recovery plan and what the new normal looks like going forward.


    This new normal will be largely be shaped by yourself and your credit union for your members. Take time to understand what is most important for both your members and staff. Shaping an idea of what you want your recovery and normal to look like is an important first step.


    Three factors in effective recovery:

    1. Adaptability
    2. Flexibility
    3. Learning


    Use this time within your organization to not only look ahead, but to reflect on the technological implementations you have made over the past months. Providing your employees with the support and tools they need can help keep strong engagement throughout your organization. 


    It is also integral during this time to reach out to your members. Reminding them that you’re here to support them and will continue assisting their needs throughout this pandemic. As well, try contacting your members through the channel that is most natural for them (possibly expanding your social media output).


    Due to the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, every business is unique and are taking different approach’s to finding stability. Because of this, we are taking the lead from you. Celero is here to support your credit union in security, employee culture and well-being, innovative technology solutions, and planning for recovery. 



    Looking for more information? You can access a recording of the webinar through our extranet or connect with your account executive to answer any questions you may have.


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