Five Ways a Strategic Consultant can Help You Transform Your Approach to Managing IT

August 26, 2020

Managing IT environments is a complex task for credit unions of any size.

To do so successfully on your own requires a team of in-house experts who understand a wide variety of IT infrastructure needs and how to address the specific requirements of your credit union. Even for large credit unions who often have many in-house resources, demands on their time is significant.

Put simply, the nature of IT requires you to wear many hats. From network hosting and security to ensuring you’re complying with regulations and keeping member data secure, it’s a lot for any organization to manage. Combine that with the need to respond quickly to security threats and keep an eye on the ever-changing technology landscape, it can be hard to keep pace and constantly evolve. Credit unions who have in-house teams also know that competition for top IT talent is fierce. Finding and retaining the human resources you need to independently manage your IT environment is a challenge itself, even for credit unions who prefer this approach.

Technician fixing computer hardware

This is where Celero’s managed services and IT outsourcing comes in. Whether you need support on something specific, like endpoint (desktop) support, network services or hardware procurement, or if you want to contract your IT completely, Celero can help. Or, if you have the everyday maintenance and management of your systems under control but are looking for an outside perspective to help you assess your security maturity and develop a technology roadmap, we offer executive-level expertise to help you proactively identify opportunities. The value we bring into the strategic planning process is an impartial view and assessment of where you’re at currently and recommendations for what to prioritize next based on our deep understanding of credit unions and their IT needs.

To demonstrate the depth and breadth of Celero’s managed services, we sat down with strategic business consultant at Celero, Cary Peppard, for a Q&A. Here’s what Cary had to say about what sets us apart:

Why should credit unions choose Celero’s managed services?

Cary: Managed services allows you to focus on your core business and improve your technology capabilities by leveraging Celero's expertise. We follow a disciplined approach by assessing your current environment and planning your ongoing technology requirements. Celero supports your credit union through a variety of services starting from first level ticket resolution all the way to strategic planning. Offloading services like network, server, and endpoint management to Celero allows your team to focus on new initiatives and opportunities for business growth and member engagement.

What is the difference between Celero’s strategic consulting and digital transformation consulting?

Cary: Our strategic consulting focuses on a credit union’s in-house technology and assists in improving the planning and management of their operations. These strategic services assist in building the credit union’s technology around its business needs. Typically, the deliverables include strategic planning, governance recommendations, identifying risk (and remediation) opportunities and other consulting needs as required by each individual organization. Although there may be some overlap, this is different than digital transformation, which takes a higher-level view of organizational business processes.

What is the value-add in Celero’s managed services?

Cary: Celero provides many services to the credit union system and by using managed services, it allows us to aggregate our offerings into a cohesive package for each credit union’s needs. This aggregation allows Celero to further reduce the overall costs to credit unions and provide cost certainty to their technology operations. Managed services also leverages our deep expertise in each area of IT, relieving credit union staff from typical IT maintenance issues. This allows them to focus on the business and member-centric initiatives. This is a scalable and agile solution that can grow and change with your organization.

How does Celero's managed services help credit unions improve security and meet compliance needs?

Cary: Instead of relying on internal resources, the credit union can leverage a team of security experts dedicated to keeping their technology safe. Tools and capabilities surrounding security are enhanced, which lowers a credit union’s overall IT risk. Ongoing monthly reporting demonstrates compliance to stated SLA’s and audits are conducted annually to ensure the standards of financial institutions are being met.

Why is Celero the perfect vendor for credit unions?

Cary: In addition to the existing known services that are required and supplied, your managed services vendor should have the capability to collaborate and make recommendations as part of a regular planning exercise with your organization. Improvements are made not just around existing operations, but ongoing strategy and future planning. This model will allow you to efficiently leverage additional technology insights into your ongoing technology planning process. The specialized skills required for effectively managing the aspects of a complicated IT environment cannot be underestimated. Said more simply: third-party management allows for consistent delivery of important services (such as patch management, AV and OS upgrades, etc.) that may get overlooked or under-serviced using internal staff.

With Celero's managed services you can mitigate risks, improve security and tackle audit and regulatory compliance while focusing on what you do best - serving your members! Contact us to learn more about managed services and IT outsourcing or to sign up.


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Five Ways a Strategic Consultant can Help You Transform Your Approach to Managing IT