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    Fintech Solutions Xplained: Accelerating innovation in the digital member experience

    February 19, 2020

    The Fintech Solutions Xplained blog series features live interviews with fintech leaders on the credit union talk show, CUbroadcast, during the 2019 Celero DigitalX Conference.


    Following the announcement of Celero Xpress™, powered by ebankIT, Pete Atkinson, Vice President of Global Sales with ebankIT joined Mike Lawson from CUbroadcast.


    In his interview, Pete explains “there is a lot of competition in the [digital banking] market, but Celero Xpress gives credit unions a real opportunity to leapfrog others.”





    The power of partnership

    ebankIT, which is based out of Portugal, is a software company developing a leading omni-channel digital banking platform. They have primarily been offering their services to European financial institutions, but has now entered the North American market, first with Coast Capital Savings, where they were awarded “Best Fintech Partnership” in late 2019.

    Celero and ebankIT recently signed a 10-year partnership agreement to bring Celero Xpress to the Canadian credit union market.

    Celero has “Canadianized [the ebankIT platform] and built for credit unions, “says Pete, forming Celero Xpress, which is a complete omnichannel digital banking platform, that offers both a market-ready solution and the ability for credit unions to customize their digital banking experience.


    Accelerating innovation

    “Any credit union that wants to sign up for [Celero Xpress] as part of the Celero ecosystem can benefit from the full stack platform, plus the Canadianization, plus the credit union layer,” says Pete.

    He adds that, “Other than internal management, the credit union only needs to worry about the branding, look and feel, and spend their dollars on what will differentiate their credit union.”

    This customizability allows for credit unions to make this technology their own, allowing them to stay competitive and continue to innovate.


    Looking for more information on how to get your credit union involved with Celero Xpress? Please contact your Celero account executive.


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