Everything You Need to Know About Celero's Product Families

On February 1, 2021 Celero launched the newly redesigned celero.ca with a fresh, modern look and feel that better represents our innovative spirit and forward-thinking attitude.

Included in the new site is a breakdown of Celero’s ‘X’ branded product families: Celero Protex, Celero Worxpace and Celero Xchange, just to name a few.

Because our ‘X’ suite of products is now formally launched, we thought it would be helpful to review each of them and what they include.

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Core Banking

Included in Celero’s Banking Services is Fiserv DNA Core Banking and Employee Training.

The foundation of our services to credit unions comes from our core banking platform, provided by Fiserv. With over a decade of successful integrations, Celero relies on Fiserv’s industry-leading core banking technology. Using our core banking expertise, Celero streamlines the conversion process, reducing transition disruptions that come with a conversion. The DNA core banking system supports digital integrations with third-party technologies, helping your credit union to develop a digital-first mindset. With seamless integration, Celero’s core banking conversions have been the choice of over 100 Canadian credit unions.

In addition to our core banking platform, Celero provides training services for your employees on optimizing the new banking system. These services are tailored to your organization and your technology. With different options for learning, any credit union can feel confident that their team will be successful in learning new technology to benefit the organization.

Learn more about our employee training programs.


Celero Protex

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Included in Celero Protex is Security Services, Managed SIEM Services, Dark Web Monitoring Preventative Care, Secure Email, Risk Assessment and Security Training.

As financial services move forward with an enhanced digital experience, the risk of cyber attacks also continues to grow. Cyber crime is more complex than ever and requires leading-edge technologies to protect your organization and your members. Celero Protex is designed to protect credit unions of any size with multiple layers of security services. Offering 24/7 threat monitoring, endpoint protection, security device management, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, incident management and digital forensics, Celero Protex keeps your credit union above industry standards all with one security solution.

Having state-of-the-art security services allows your organization to focus on improving member experience and reduces concerns about potential cyber risks.


Celero Worxpace

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Included in Celero Woxpace is Managed IT Services, Hybrid Cloud Services, Preventative Care, Microsoft Office 365, Endpoint Services, Managed Network and Procurement.

The ability to properly manage IT infrastructure can often be difficult for credit unions, small or large. Keeping up with IT demands requires a team of dedicated professionals who must stay up-to-date with industry trends and requirements, frequently leaving them unable to perform other tasks within the organization.

Celero Worxpace is our complete managed IT services. These services include Hybrid Cloud Services, Preventative Care, Microsoft Office 365, Endpoint Services, Managed Network and Procurement. With managed IT services not only will your credit union function more efficiently, but it will also be better positioned to serve members.

We work together with your team to determine your organization’s current IT needs and plan a roadmap for your future IT environment. This process ensures your credit union is always up to date without having to allocate IT resources.

Read how Encompass Credit Union transformed their IT infrastructure with Celero’s Managed IT


Celero Xperts

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Included in Celero Xperts is Strategic Consulting, Digital Transformation and Technology Consulting.

Every credit union has different needs and organizational goals. Due to this variation, there is not one general solution for credit union issues. Celero Xperts work with your organization to identify issues and provide solutions. With our team’s expertise, we contribute guidance and solutions for your organization to best meet their goals. Our consulting services include digital transformation consulting, technology consulting and employee training.

Celero Xperts understand the key role technology plays in the future of financial institutions and the steps your credit union needs to take to stay competitive.


Celero Xchange

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Included in Celero Xchange is Integration Services and Integrated Partners.

Celero Xchange works to serve your credit union in a number of different areas. Understanding the complexity of today’s digital ecosystem, Celero Xchange is an integration platform that connects directly to your banking system. With this direct connection, data is securely shared between products and partners all on a single platform.

Celero Xchange is a standards-based platform that leverages open APIs to safely and seamlessly connect new solutions and partners to your credit union’s banking platform. Celero Xchange helps prepare credit unions for the changes coming to the financial sector, including open banking.

Learn more about how to keep your credit union forward-thinking and prepared for our digital future by visiting our Celero Xchange page.


Celero Xcelerators

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Included in Celero Xcelerators is Fintech Services, Business Analytics and Account & Loan Origination.

In support of our digital ecosystem, Celero searches the market for potential fintech partners. These partners are selected to fit the needs of Canadian credit unions.

All vendors are thoroughly vetted for their ability to provide regulatory compliance to credit unions and easy to integrate solutions to improve your members’ digital experience. Celero Xcelerators includes services such as Business Analytics, account and loan origination, microlending, AI virtual assistants, and more.

Integrating modern fintech solutions helps your credit union remain competitive by providing members with a desirable experience. Learn more about how you can best support your members and help your organization reach its digital goals.



Aura logo

Stay competitive and provide an excellent digital experience for your members by rewarding their everyday purchases with the Aura Loyalty Card.

Credit unions can leverage the features and functionalities of our partner platform to augment their existing and future digital banking strategies. We host and manage the loyalty rewards program using a pre-paid Mastercard® so credit unions can help their members improve how they spend, save and manage their finances.

If you are interested in learning about any of Celero’s products above, contact us or speak to your Celero Account Executive.


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Everything You Need to Know About Celero's Product Families