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    Digital transformation with purpose: how to build a culture that celebrates change

    September 23, 2020

    Is your culture enabling your credit union to digitally transform? Do your employees seek to deliver better experiences for members by making processes better? Can your employees easily adjust, adapt and modify their course of action depending on shifting circumstances?


    The role of culture in digital transformation is often talked about, but its true importance is understated and underestimated. We’ve done a lot of thinking about how digital transformation can impact corporate culture, and how corporate culture can impact the success of digital transformation initiatives. To help dive deeper into this topic, we’ve curated some resources that do a great job of analyzing how digital transformation and culture can work together. As these resources discuss, digital transformation is not just the large-scale adoption of technological solutions to instantly make your business model more effective. Digital transformation gives you the ability to transform your entire operations into a more member-centric culture that focuses on delivering top-tier experiences.


    When your organizational culture becomes more member-focused, your ability to recognize member needs will become part of your employees’ everyday practice, and part of every decision made.


    Keep reading to explore how you can modify your culture to prepare your organization for transformation:

    • How organizational culture shapes digital transformation: Our first recommendation is a podcast (that’s also available as a transcript to read if you prefer) that calls out digital transformation for what it is – managing change. Nik Puri, senior vice president of international IT at FedEx discusses lessons learned from the shipping giant’s own digital transformation journey. He highlights that your organizational culture needs to be one that gets employees comfortable with a frequently changing environment to allow for the successful delivery of your products and services to your members. While employees may be resistant to change, creating a culture that’s increasingly comfortable with change will inspire less fear and more confidence among employees, allowing them to recognize the benefits of transformation initiatives, like more time to provide greater value to the company.
    • Successful digital transformation begins with a cultural transformation: This thought leadership blog from highlights that organizational cultures need to be able to function in an agile manner. Your culture should allow you and your employees to adapt and pivot when needed to modify processes and people’s skills. This will ensure new technologies are successful. People and processes are essential to the overall digital transformation project and can make or break the success of enterprise-wide transformations.


    • Creating a culture for digital transformation – it’s not only about the software: This article from Forbes helps us to understand why embracing a culture based on flexibility, agility and adaptability is essential. When championed from the top, these areas of focus need to be displayed by leadership in a way that allows everyone to recognize that delivering a strong member-centric experience is always the goal. It is something that takes the whole organization and must start from the C-suite.


    If you agree that company culture is essential to digital transformation, please share this post on your social channels, and tag us to let us know what your perspective is!

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