Cyber Security Awareness Month: What you Need to Know About Preventative Care

There’s a common expression that “prevention is better than cure”, and that’s the sentiment for this week’s blog as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month.

We want to talk about what credit unions can do to keep their endpoints protected, a key part of any cyber defense strategy. Endpoint management and protection is complex, simply because there are so many was attackers can gain access to your 

Ehsan Sarder

organization through workstations, servers and other devices. Keeping your software up to date is the easiest way to prevent these attacks, but it’s something that often gets forgotten because people assume updates happen automatically or that they have adequate safeguards in place.

To discuss what credit unions can do to engage in better preventative care measures, we sat down with Team Lead of Endpoint Services at Celero, Ehsan Sarder, for a Q&A. Here’s what Ehsan had to say about how you can prepare to stay secure: 

What is Preventative Care?

Ehsan: Preventative Care consists of two areas of focus: patch management and anti-virus.

Patch management is when you install updates on your devices as they are released from Microsoft. At Celero, our analysts operate diligently to ensure these updates are tested against your critical business applications. This includes everything from DNA and banking software to critical third-party applications that have Microsoft tie-ins for functionality and operation.

Especially in the financial industry where we see malicious actors constantly developing new ways to infiltrate your environment, a traditional AV solution is no longer effective.  Next gen Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system works very differently from legacy antivirus and antimalware platforms. EDR solutions are able to aggregate and interpret threat intelligence data from different global industries to provide comprehensive security for a Credit Union environment. Some even go as far as utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to isolate vulnerabilities. As our workflows pivot due to COVID-19, this allows for continuous protection on and off the network for workstations, laptops, and servers in real time.

What pain points does preventative care solve for credit unions?

Ehsan: This is an easy one. You can sleep at night! Our tools provide robust deployment, investigation, and remediation capabilities with low impact on your endpoints. We have trained experts who live and breathe IT security. From deploying updates to helping navigate any security incidents, we can ensure you will catch enough “z’s” knowing your environment is safe.
What are the main benefits of implementing preventative care?
Ehsan: With years of experience in the credit union sector, Celero is in a unique position as we understand our clients and the security industry requirements. We take care of your device patching and anti-virus needs to ensure there are fewer service outages, malicious apps and identity/data leaks from your organization. In addition, we regression-test updates against known essential business applications to make sure nothing is approved that will negatively impact your organization.
What additional value does Celero provide with preventative care services?

Ehsan: It’s a one-stop shop for your device protection needs. We regularly monitor alerts and press releases to make sure the latest vulnerabilities don’t impact your credit union. With a wide array of clients, we’re also able to corelated findings from different aspect of our business and map them to potential vulnerabilities quickly. This ensures that your machines are always up to date with the latest patches and protected against viruses and malware.

How does preventative care fit into Celero’s suite of security products?
Ehsan: At it’s core, it’s the one of the fundamentals required to make sure your Credit Union devices are safe in today’s security landscape. EDR and device management tools offer proactive device monitoring and intelligent data which can be forwarded into managed SIEM solutions to create a wholistic snapshot of your environment security. We also work closely with industry leaders in the IT security space to meet audit and compliance requirements.

Keep your organization up to date with cyber security protection before an attack takes place. Preventative care services can help you with centralized endpoint security to reduce your risk of virus or malware infection and security threats. With Preventative Care, you can focus on serving your members rather than the security of your workstations and servers through our proactive monitoring, maintenance and reporting. Celero’s preventative care services give you peace of mind that your laptops, desktops and servers virus definitions are up to date with anti-virus software and ensures your standard Microsoft software is up to date with the latest software patches. Contact us to learn more about preventative care or to sign up.

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Cyber Security Awareness Month: What you Need to Know About Preventative Care