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    Cyber Security Awareness Month: Celero’s CISO Shares His Vision for the Future

    October 28, 2020

    As we come to the end of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have covered topics including how to assess your risk with our free risk assessment tool, cyber resilience and preventative care. To end our blog series, we sat down with Celero’s Chief Information Security Officer, Bently Rolf, to learn how security has evolved, what changes credit unions should be making and Celero’s focus for the upcoming year.


    1. What's the biggest change you've seen in the past five years?

    Cyber security technology and processes are constantly changing, and even though October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, organizations should commit to continued education throughout the year. According to Bently, “the biggest change is the level of security awareness in organizations. From the front lines to the boardrooms, employees realize they are the best ‘firewall’ companies have. Technology and processes can only protect you so far. People are where the hackers fail or succeed in most cases”.


    1. If credit unions could make one change in the upcoming year, what should it be?

    “Maintaining good security hygiene on their workstations (work and home) and servers,” says Rolf.

    Understanding cyber security hygiene and keeping proper practices can help reduce the risk of future security threats to your organization. These practices involve every member of your team being aware and participating to remain effective. To better understand how you and your team can practice good cyber hygiene, learn more.


    1. With the pandemic still underway, in what way are credit unions still at risk?

    Just as the pandemic isn’t finished, neither are the cyber security threats that are associated with it. Cyber criminals are continuing to develop new tactics to threaten your organization. “Risk goes up when employee become inattentive,” says Rolf. “Inattentive with passwords, inattentive with clicking on links in email, and inattentive with following a security process.” Learn more about how fraudsters are exploiting COVID-19 for profit.


    1. What is Celero's main security focus in the upcoming year?

    “I’m really excited about the security posture we have in place now with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and the new SIEM (Security Information Event Management) system. We will be enhancing our response performance as well as our threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities within the credit union system and with our Canadian-based partners,” says Rolf.

    Looking for more information? Check out our previous Cyber Security Awareness Month content to keep both you and your organization informed and secure.



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