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    CU at Home blog series: Part 1 – working remotely and what's worked for Celero

    April 24, 2020

    With the spread of COVID-19, many employees across Canada have been asked to work from home and practice social distancing. Employers and employees will need to work together to protect the health of employees and clients, and to keep the workplace delivering its essential services.


    We know that credit unions in Canada often rely on in-person interactions with co-workers and members, so this shift to working from home can be challenging for many. To help Canadian credit unions smoothly transition to a new work style, Celero has created a three-part blog series on  considerations for remote working practices.


    As part one in our blog series, Celero has gathered our internal practices to share with Canadian credit unions.  


    Celero’s practices for working remotely


    Celero has had almost half of its employee base working from home for the past seven years, and with COVID-19, we’ve been able to pivot to almost 100 per cent of our workforce being remote.


    Chief People and Culture Officer at Celero, Gerry Cox, says that along the way, we’ve developed some practices that serve us well.


    Firstly, Celero has learned it’s important to set expectations for employees. Working from home doesn't change the employee’s day-to-day work or performance expectations; it just means that they’ll be doing it from a different environment.


    When employees are working remotely, it becomes an organizational imperative to attract, develop, reward and retain top talent to ensure strategic objectives are achieved requires a higher degree of thought leadership to ensure engagement at all levels. Here are some further ideas that have enabled Celero to have a successful remote workforce:

    • Ensure employees know how to fully use remote working technology, such as VPN access and collaboration software
    • Recommend employees have a dedicated workspace in the home – ideally, a separate room with a closed door
    • Create opportunities for engagement with others
    • Encourage employees to maintain regular working schedule as though in the office and track hours as usual, including taking breaks during the day and a designated lunch break
    • Share moments with co-workers that are fun and light-hearted
    • Ensure a consistent and positive experience for direct reports working from home. (e.g. schedule regular team check-ins to advance key priorities and ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate)



    Staying connected with your colleagues and direct reports while working from home can be very challenging – especially when you are used to working two feet from each other. Here are some techniques that work for Celero:

    • Host all-staff webinars (Q&A’s in advance) as well as daily/weekly communications
    • 5-minute virtual stand-up first thing in the morning to check how team members and their family are doing and if there are any operational challenges
    • 30-minute call once per week to chat (no shop talk; ask about family; keep it light and fun)
    • Virtual coffee breaks to celebrate team accomplishments, anniversaries, birthdays etc.
    • Opt for video calls instead of conference calls

    Considerations for your HR policies


    How businesses treat their employees during this unprecedented time is essential to the long-term success of the business. The following HR policies have enabled Celero to balance business priorities with the long-term stamina and health and wellness of employees.

    • Flex-place – position, location, tools, costs, legal considerations
    • Flex-schedule – hours of work
    • Performance management – regular engagement, measuring results, coaching/feedback
    • Leave programs
    • Benefits – extended health coverage, telemedicine, EFAP
    • Travel - domestic, international, client considerations

    Next week – in part 2 of this series, we will be focusing on enabling employees to work securely at home.


    Please reach out to your Celero Account Executive or chat with us on social media, if Celero can do anything to help your credit union through these uncertain times.


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