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    What Three Credit Unions Did to Support their Communities During COVID-19

    September 16, 2020

    Credit unions have always been central hubs within their communities. Not only do they give their members good financial advice and support, but they also reinvest into the communities they serve by funding initiatives like renovating sporting arenas, providing scholarships to students and planning community gatherings.


    The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for all businesses, including credit unions. Despite these challenges, credit unions across Canada have stayed true to their roots and values by continuing to be a pillar in their communities. Over the past six months, Celero has worked to share the heartwarming stories of credit unions’ impact on their community in our Credit Unions in the community series. Below we’ve highlighted three credit unions who have gone above and beyond to support their members and help them through the coronavirus crisis.


    Carpathia Credit Union

    Recognizing the effects COVID-19 has had on separating loved ones (due to health concerns), Carpathia Credit Union wanted to keep their community connected. To show their support, Carpathia Credit Union donated seven tablets to Holy Family Home’s residents to help them better communicate with their families.


    Crossroads Credit Union

    Still wanting to create a special experience for their local graduates, Crossroads Credit Union decorated their branch and organized a parade for students to celebrate their achievement of graduating high school. As these young adults will be the next leaders in their community, Crossroads Credit Union knows the importance of supporting them and recognizing their accomplishments.


    Vancity Credit Union

    Understanding that many of their members were out of work during the height of the pandemic, Vancity Credit Union partnered with Catalyst Community Developments Society and BC Non-profit Housing Association to provide jobs for their loyal members. Vancity has worked to support their members at any point in their lives, for better or worse.


    With advancements in technology, credit unions are finding innovative ways to stay connected to their members so they can continue to help them with their financial needs. To keep their members safe, many credit unions have been offering video call appointments for members to ask any questions they have about their financial status or to find assistance using digital banking solutions. Credit unions have continued to show that even though they are not always able to support members face-to-face, their members’ experience and financial success is the most important thing to them.


    Although it may seem that financial institutions and members have started to settle into our “new normal”, our work is not done. It is imperative that financial institutions continue innovating to improve member experience. As the financial sector continues to evolve, so too must institutions to provide the best possible service for Canadians. The three credit unions highlighted here demonstrate how credit unions can think outside the box to deliver an outstanding member experience that goes beyond everyday financial services.


    Please share on social media and let us know what your credit union has been doing to give members and your community extra support during the pandemic, and don’t forget to tag us!

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