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    COVID-19: Adjusting to a new normal for credit unions

    April 21, 2020

    Living and working in a COVID-19 world has created conditions unlike anything before. With the effects of this global pandemic impacting North America for over a month, we are now starting to feel some level of normalcy emerge within our lives.

    This normal has come from things such as: building a new workspace, creating a daily routine and finding new hobbies or rediscovering old ones. This change in lifestyle has many wondering when we will be able to return to our normal lives, or if that normal will now be changed forever, in what many describe as a “new normal”.

    Is there a new normal?
    Even though we are still largely at the beginning of our experience with COVID-19, we can already see that our lives will be changed forever after this pandemic. Some of these changes are more obvious , such as health and safety, but what other industries have adapted through this time?

    For the financial sector, it was already a transitional and transformational time, even before COVID-19. Credit unions are experiencing members pushing for a greater digital, effortless, contact-free experience, and many financial institutions were already adopting technology that would provide these solutions to their members.

    Depending on your business strategy, COVID-19 may represent an opportunity to seize new ways to serve your members, by enabling digital experiences that help your members are with the large scale adjustments in their daily lives. It can be an opportunity for credit unions to step in and offer them the stability and strong relationship they are founded on. Here are just a few ways credit unions can utilize technology to help their members in this time.

    Building strong connections with your members
    As a credit union leader, you can leverage COVID-19 as an opportunity to define your organization in the minds of your members, and continue to support them and engage them through this time.

    The connections you are building will not be forgotten after the pandemic. Never underestimate the value of checking in with your members and being there to support them.. We are all working through this together, and this is an opportunity to show them you’re a major part of their life in providing them with Stability and support.

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