Celero’s Data Centre Modernization

November 25, 2020

In July 2020, Celero announced that we signed a seven-year, multi-million dollar strategic outsourcing agreement with IBM that will modernize and transform Celero’s data centre and data centre network environments, moving our infrastructure services onto a hybrid cloud environment. The hybrid cloud environment will provide flexibility to our customers in terms of new technologies that they want to try, while ensuring compliance and security requirements are being met.

Data Center Transformation

Celero’s transformation program started in August of 2020 and will continue until the middle of 2022. We are currently in the planning stages and building the skillsets that are necessary to monitor our new hybrid cloud environment. IBM, our global partner has completed an initial cloud workload assessment of our entire footprint. This includes Celero’s own service workloads and workloads that are run and managed by credit unions who have their underlying infrastructure provided by Celero. IBM has made recommendations for default dispositions to address each of these workloads. Celero’s architecture teams and technical teams are carefully analyzing those dispositions, and we will be making recommendations for ourselves internally and for our credit union clients. This will include a dialogue on the best landing zone for each of those target workloads. We expect that the migration of these systems from our data centre to the cloud will occur in waves and will be complete by the middle of 2022.

Transition to Hybrid Cloud

When Celero first started our journey to the cloud we wanted to hear what our clients’ needs were. We used information from our annual survey, one-on-one discussions and industry trends to build a hybrid cloud environment. As we build the network, we want to make sure that credit unions have the best technologies available. Celero’s unique value proposition is to operate financial applications in a secure multi-tenant environment at scale. Our ecosystem is highly integrated, very complex and in-tune to effectively operate digital banking, mobile payments, fintech applications and a variety of other applications that are hosted in a secure server database storage environment. Taking that into consideration and finding the right balance is critical for a stable and highly available environment for credit unions and their members.


While core banking and other core services will continue to run, the way they are being delivered will be transformed along with our data centre environments. Celero is developing a new tool for monitoring automation and self-provisioning capabilities that many credit unions have been asking for. Additionally, the hybrid cloud environment will provide orchestration and brokerage capabilities along with resiliency so we are not locked in with only on-premises infrastructure, or only with IBM cloud. Credit unions will have access to a cloud connect portal to have secure private connections to Azure and AWS. It is also essential that the right governance is set in place so that as credit unions try out new technologies, there is a secure connection to these cloud providers.

IaaS and PaaS

Celero is moving to a tier 3 data centre for our core workloads that needs to run on-premises in an environment with high availability and high resiliency. Our goal is to get away from reliance on individual virtual machines and infrastructure and move towards a serverless environment so that we can essentially have five nines of availability for any of the services that we are offering. For Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Celero wants to bring credit unions that capability and the security performance cost and flexibility so that you can scale up and scale down any of your workloads as you try new technologies. We are also carefully beginning the planning process for your data centre migration activities.

Data Center Modernization by the Numbers

If you look at the size and magnitude of this project, there are over 1000 virtual machines, about 1300 terabytes of production and backup data that needs to be moved, 1.6 million batch processing and scheduled jobs that have to be carefully thought through and 600 Oracle and SQL databases. In many of these areas, Celero doesn’t want to do a lift and shift but rather ensure that we move them to the appropriate technology so that it is current and effective.

Celero’s data centre modernization project will create the agility and stability that our customers have been asking for. These are the attributes that you need for success in these uncertain times and ensures that the technology is available at your fingertips wherever you are working from.

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Celero’s Data Centre Modernization