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    5 things to know about Celero Protex security solutions

    December 04, 2019

    At the 2019 Celero DigitalX Fintech Conference, we debuted our new managed security service, Celero Protex™. We sat down with Mohsin Syed, General Manager, Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services at Celero to learn about how Celero Protex can create a culture of security in your credit union with its leading-edge capabilities and robust à la carte services.

    1. Why Celero Protex?


    Mohsin: Celero Protex enables and protects corporate data and infrastructure by providing world class security services and technology to the Canadian credit union industry. It’s the result of a close collaboration with our managed security service partner, CDW (previously Scalar), delivering a solution that ensures your credit union can shift from only focusing on compliance to explicit risk management and being proactive. Scalar’s team delivers on this vision by providing extensive experience and expertise. Furthermore, Celero Protex will enable credit unions to build and empower a culture of security -- from C-suite employees to front line staff.


    2. What services are available to monitor and mitigate threats?


    Mohsin: Celero Protex offers à la carte services including 24/7 threat monitoring utilizing a best-of-breed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution​, endpoint protection, security device management, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, threat and risk assessments, incident management and digital forensics and a security maturity assessment.


    3. What steps are taken to ensure credit unions are secure?


    Mohsin:  Celero Protex utilizes CDW’s unparalleled approach to security posture to ensure that credit unions can remain complaint and secure. It includes the following three steps:

    1. Prepare - understand risks, build an effective security program and source top security talent
    2. Defend – implement robust defenses, integrate leading technologies and maximize visibility, understanding and control
    3. Respond – monitor critical business assets, respond rapidly to incidents and validate effectiveness of security controls

    4. How does Celero Protex cater to each credit union?


    Mohsin:  Celero Protex aligns the mission and vision of a credit union’s security program to the overall goals of the organization using CDW’s world class method, and Celero’s subject expertise and knowledgeable security resources. Celero will also work with each credit union to develop a healthy security culture by driving organization-wide program adoption, reducing friction and using tools that drive and support efficient change.


    5. Why should credit unions care about Celero Protex?


    Mohsin: Security should be a top priority for credit unions because the financial services sector is the most highly targeted and impacted industry worldwide. Canadian credit unions of all sizes must take proactive action to not only being secure but shifting to explicit risk management.


    Stay tuned for more information on the official product launch of Celero Protex in 2020.

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