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    5 must-read articles for credit union leaders

    February 05, 2020

    If you're anything like us, then you’re always looking to catch the latest trends in banking. Learning what's going on in the industry from the latest fintechs leading digital transformation in Canada to the latest cybersecurity threats. In honour of February being I Love Reading Month we have compiled a list of some of our recent favourite reads. 📚 Check them out below.


    Member experience:

    1. Did you know that 89 per cent of consumers feel that a personalized experience with their financial institution is important but 94 per cent of financial institutions are unable to deliver on the personalization promise? Take steps to offer personalization options to your members with 5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement at your Financial Institution by Saylent.
    2. 5 Real Ways to Rock Your Credit Union Member Experiences: This read applies tangible concepts to making the member experience better than what it is today. It starts with the vision of where your members are having the greatest difficulty, then beginning to understand how you can modify that experience and eventually transform it into a point of differentiation for your organization. The process starts with imagining the best process imaginable, then working to determine how technology can help make this process a reality. 

    Digital transformation:

    1. Why Most Digital Banking Transformation Efforts Have Stalled: This is a great read within the context of the current market landscape. Whether you’ve figured out the technology you plan on using for your digital banking solution or not, there are many steps that need to be taken beyond selection of technology to enable a successful digital transformation strategy. This article discusses things to think about as far like who from your organization are the most important people to have leading your technology adoption, who needs to be involved in your technology adoption and how important is your mobile channels in consideration of your digital experiences.


    1. Migrating to the cloud - it’s something that we hear a lot about. Extra storage, lower costs, promotes collaboration and aids in disaster recovery. But how can you ensure that your credit union realizes all of these benefits? Harvard Business Review worked with Microsoft to create the following report a report on Getting Cloud Governance Right: Putting the Right Controls in Place to Ensure Your Company Reaps the Rewards of Cloud Migration.


    1. The way Canadians are choosing to pay is changing and the ability for an organization to offer a frictionless experience to its customers is becoming more of a differentiator. Understanding how your organization can leverage the Canadian PayTech Ecosystem, can help your team build the products your members want tomorrow. Check out the PayTechs of Canada report written by the FinTech Growth Syndicate.

    Another one of our favourite sources for all things banking is The Financial Brand. It is a great source of content on topics varying from data analytics to how to better reach millennials. To receive relevant information on the banking industry, subscribe to Celero Insights.


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