Three Lessons from Lakeland on their Journey to Digital Transformation

Lakeland Credit Union has been embarking on a digital transformation journey, supported by Celero, through a multi-phase strategy.

This Alberta credit union is undergoing an organizational shift to achieve their goals of sustainable growth, create deeper connections with their members and transform their internal culture. After completing a formal RFP process, they worked closely with Celero using a proven methodology for digital transformation.

As Lakeland takes the next steps towards implementation of the strategy, Ronda Morin, Vice President, Member Experience at Lakeland Credit Union, and Deborah Moore, Director, Digital Transformation at Celero, shared a few insights on lessons learned along the way so far:

It's all about the Member Experience

Lakeland and Celero first kicked off the process by seeking a deeper understanding of their members’ expectations and the underlying needs and motivations that attract and retain members. This research involved mapping out member journeys and revealing how they engage with their credit union, their pain points and unmet needs.

In parallel, operational processes were mapped to create service design blueprints exposing opportunities to optimize both member and business value as well as free up capacity to fuel innovation.

 “A lot of people think digital transformation is about technology, but what we’ve learned is that it’s really about the experience you want to create and transforming your organization to centre around members’ needs. The technology, processes and culture mindset need to support that shift. It’s been inspiring to see that transformation take hold as we experience new ways of working,” Ronda says.

Organizational Alignment is Key

With the member intel in hand, Moore guided the Lakeland team on how to align their operating model to their member experience journeys and empower employees through change.

To deliver the best possible member experience, it’s imperative to couple a deeper understanding of members with a culture and processes that optimize value through each and every member journey,” Deborah says.

Expect the Unexpected

While in the midst of designing a member experience strategy and technology roadmap, COVID-19 hit, impacting Lakeland’s members and the community.

"Celero’s unique method of embedding new ways of working and skills into the organization throughout the program provided multiple benefits. The work we had completed on digital transformation benefitted our understanding of members’ needs during the pandemic, and it gave us the ability adapt quicker to effectively serve them and address their financial needs,” says Ronda, adding that the lessons from COVID-19 will continue to strengthen the experience they deliver to their members in the future.  

For Lakeland, the journey of digital transformation continues. The next steps will include the implementation of their new operating engine that includes new ways of working, new processes, digital solutions and member-centric services to deliver an exceptional member experience across all member touchpoints. However, the foundation has been laid for Lakeland to continue to gather member insights, understand member needs and continuously adapt to provide outstanding value.


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Three Lessons from Lakeland on their Journey to Digital Transformation