2021 Celero Spotlight Podcast Roundup

December 15, 2021

Catch up on all of our Celero Spotlight podcasts from 2021 with topics like digital transformation, ransomware, open banking and data governance.

Throughout the year, Celero team members including Deborah Moore, Barb MacLean and Matt Laba were featured on our Celero Insights podcast. Our experts interviewed credit union leaders and discussed topics like digital transformation, ransomware, open banking and data governance. To end the year, we wanted to compile all of our podcasts from 2021 in one spot for you to catch up on during the holidays. Take a listen below!

Microphone, laptop and chair setup for someone to record a podcast. Open Banking Implementation in Canada and what it means for Credit Unions

Deborah Moore, Celero's Director of Digital Transformation, and Barb MacLean, Celero's Vice President of Integration and Analytics, chat about the rapidly-approaching changes that will come with open banking in Canada. Credit unions need to begin to think about these changes and how they will affect their operations and members, giving consideration to use cases they can explore to offer new and improved services. Listen now.

Data Governance Best Practices to keep your Credit Union Protected

In this episode of Celero Spotlight, Celero's Chief Information Security Officer, Matt Laba, breaks down data governance best practices. In the podcast you’ll learn how data governance is an important part of your credit union's overarching security strategy to keep corporate information protected. Listen now.

Digital Transformation Interview with Don Shumlich, CEO of Weyburn Credit Union

Deborah Moore, Celero’s Director of Digital Transformation, sits down with Don Shumlich, CEO at Weyburn Credit Union. They walk through Weyburn's digital transformation journey and talk about Don's executive perspective, chatting about how the process has shaped employee engagement and what advice Don has for other CEO's thinking about digital transformation. Listen now.

Everything you need to know About Ransomware

With the rise of cyber attacks during the pandemic, mitigating threats has become more essential than ever. In this podcast, Celero's Chief Information Security Officer, Matt Laba, discusses ransomware and what credit unions can do to protect themselves from malware and malicious online attacks. Listen now.

Ryan Janke Discusses Weyburn Credit Union's Digital Transformation Journey

Want to know the importance of digital transformation from an IT professional’s perspective? Celero’s Director of Digital Transformation, Deborah Moore interviews Senior Manager of IT at Weyburn Credit Union, Ryan Janke on their digital transformation journey. Listen now.

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2021 Celero Spotlight Podcast Roundup