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    10 accounts you should be following

    July 08, 2020

    We are always searching for new, relevant and informative pieces of content. Because of this, we have put together a list of accounts we believe provide consistent and quality content to keep you informed and competitive.



    1. Brett King  

    Author of the Bank series, Brett King is a world-renowned futurist. Having worked with the Obama administration as an advisor of the future of banking, Brett King works to challenge the status quo, creating a new financial and digital experience for all. With over 300 episodes, King is also the creator of the #1 Global Fintech Podcast, “Breaking Banks. 

    2. The Financial Brand  

    Founded in 2008, The Financial Brand publishes a wide variety of articles, providing solutions to marketing and strategy issues affecting financial institutions. In addition to their written content, The Financial Brand publishes a weekly podcast, Banking Transformed, as well as frequent webinars to dive deeper into these issues 


    3. CUInsight 

    CUInsight is a digital source that works to connect the credit union community. Providing credit unions with the information they need to best serve their members, CUInsight publishes frequent articles and a weekly podcast, The CUInsight Experience”.  


    4. works to share initiatives in the future of payments and commerce, through sharing a mix of relevant, interesting and interactive content for its readers. Read a variety of retail, B2B and opinion pieces 


    5. David Birch  

    Author of Identity is the New Money, Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From Money That We Understand to Money That Understands Us and most recently The Currency Cold War: Cash and Cryptography, Hash Rates and HegemonyDavid Birch is a thought leader in digital identity and digital money.  

    Whether it’s one of his books, podcasts or keynotes, David Birch is worth checking out.  


    6. 11:FS 

    Working to build the next-generation of challengers in the financial services industry, 11:FS publishes a variety if content through their “Fintech Insider” podcastInsights blog, “Fintech in Five” newsletter and 11:FS YouTube channel.  11:FS continues to produce resources to help expand and transform your financial institution.  


    7. FGS 

    FGS uses research, knowledge and insight to showcase the best fintech solutions for financial institutions. Looking to reshape the future of finance, FGS publishes reports and newsletterin their FINsiderAs well, FGS publishes the “Disrupticons” podcast, were they discuss top fintech and innovation in Canada.  


    8. Payments Canada  

    Providing Canada with its national payments system, Payments Canada has a long history of working to meet the needs of Canadians. As technology has continued to change, Payments Canada works to provide educational resources to Canadians, helping them stay competitive.  


    9. CCUA 

    The Canadian Credit Union Association works to share the voice of credit unions across Canada educate credit union employees and share success of credit unions. Read more about how the CCUA is helping credit unions across Canada. 


    10. Bank Innovation  

    Being one of the first blogs to recognize digital innovation in financial services, Bank Innovation current trends and market news in fintechBuilding on their blog, Bank Innovation also has a podcast “Fintech Unfiltered 



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